Subject Re: Interbase v6.01 S-L-O-W on disconnect
Author Aage Johansen
Alan asked:
> what serrious problems with 6.01?

Kevin added:
> 2) I will second Alan's question about serious problems
> with v6.01 -- what are you referring to, Aage?

This is from a post (one of several) from a TeamB member on the
borland.public.interbase.general NG:
Don't use IB 6.01. It's old and has some serious bugs.
You should use IB or later.
and another:
>> I am using IB WI-V6.0.0.627

> Just so you know, this is an old and buggy version of IB.
> If you're using Open Edition, download or later from

If you do a search I think you will find quite a few of similar posts.
I don't use IB/6.01 myself so I've not experienced this myself.

Aage J.