Subject [ib-support] Slow connection
Author Gerhard Knapp
sorry, if you are not interessted in my problem, ignore this ....

now i tested with ibexpert and sql-monitor:
if i press the connect button it needs 10 till 20 secondes till the first
sql-statement comes:

[22.08.2002 16:36:12.137] : [Connect]
Connected to\db\clientel_db.gdb
[22.08.2002 16:36:12.137] : [Start transaction]
Transaction 16695412 started

okay ...

then i tested with a copy of this db (transprotable backup - and restore on
my local machine)
with local connection (not tcp-ip) and the same result!

it takes 10 - 20 seconds befor the db is connected.

therefore its NOT an DNS-Problem!

it could be only a problem with this Database, but what can i do?
are there certain gfix-things or so?

-best regards

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