Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Slow connection..It's a bug......
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:27 PM 11-06-02 +0000, you wrote:
>It's a bug confirmed by borland, and it shows itself when using
>multiple connections fromt the same PC, i.e. like a web server.

During IB 6 beta days (before IB became Open Source) Charlie Caro (Chief
Honcho, InterBase R & D) stated that this behaviour with multiple local
connections was "as designed". It only became a "bug" when Borland began
shipping LIBS as a platform for n-tier application servers. It is a
*local* connection issue and affects those who want to make multiple local
connections on a Windows server (as through a Web application server or
other n-tier proxy client).

In days of yore, "local InterBase" was just a desktop tool for Windows
developers using Borland tools, enabling you to fake a client/server setup
on a single machine. The local connection model was different for the
Classic server model of those times: the way it was subsequently
re-implemented for superserver meant that memory-space-sharing issues
caused problems with local server....but, by then, the NOS was able to
support local TCP/IP loopback and it wasn't an obvious showstopper.

So now they are ramping up LIBS to support multiple local connections to a
Windows server from an application server. That's fine...they will have
either a new product or a bug-fixed product, depending on ones point of view.

But it's still not a bug, if the current LIBS doesn't do what it wasn't
designed to do. It's only a bug for Borland and their customers who sold
and bought (respectively) on the the (mistaken) understanding that LIBS
would support multiple connections.


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