Subject Betreff: [ib-support] Re: Interbase v6.01 S-L-O-W on disconnect
Author Gerhard Knapp
thak you for your answer ...

i installed on all clients: gds32.dll WI-V1.0.0.794 (shipped with Firebird

and my software check before connect the registry keys:

if HKLM\Software\FirebirdSQL\Firebird\CurrentVersion = WI-V6.2.794 Firebird

and the key:
HKLM\Software\Borland\Interbase\CurrenVersion\Version = WI-V6.2.794
Firebird 1.0

(i set this in my installroutine and automatic repair - routine ...)

If there is no connect to database, my software automatically install this
version of gds32.dll and interbase.msg
and write this two registry-entries ...
And in a parametertable of the DB is the correct value of the gds32
dll-version, and before connect
to the db, my software looks in the registry, whether the value is correct,
if not, it makes an update
to the new gds32.dll version and so on ....

So i hope to be sure, that Firebird-Server and Client-dlls have allways the
correct corresponding versions.

You see i did a lot, to have a good Firebird C/S solution ...

BUT i will CHECK whether this version from gds32.dll is the bad dog! (WI-V6
2.794 Firbird 1.0)
thank you very much for this tip ...

best regards


Datum: Thursday, August 22, 2002 10:46:35
Betreff: [ib-support] Re: Interbase v6.01 S-L-O-W on disconnect

I have had such a problem when using Interbase 5.6 client with Interbase 6
server. In fact it was computer which runs Interbase 5.6 locally and needs
app with distant Interbase 6.01 server.

If I remember well I think I have updated gds32.dll. All is working fine now

Hope this helps

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