Subject Betreff: [ib-support] Re: Interbase v6.01 S-L-O-W on disconnect
Author Gerhard Knapp
hi all,
i have allways not solved my problem of very long connection time ..
to connect the db i need 10 till 20 seconds ...

i tried all, what is possible ...
-> connect with ip-number p.e.: (but its no diffrence, DNS works
good in my lan)
-> slow connection ist the same with: IBO, IBX, BDE ....
and so on and so on ....

if the db is connected, the rest goes in normal time ...

Perhaps its the DB itself?
This DB is a 1GB DB and has 30 concurrent users, with high-updating ...

(i make daily backup and restore, to hold the db fresh ..)

all my applications connect the db with one user: p.e.: DBUSER,
so i have 30 connections with DBUSER, is that a problem?

I know there are a lot of parameters and so on, but i tried all settings,
that could
be important. No i think i create a new DB and try to bump the data from the
old DB in the new one. Perhaps this helps ... But its a lot of work!!!!

Do you have an idea, how i could do this?

I also changed the server. Now i had a 6 times faster one.
But the slow connection is the same.
I use Cisco switches in my lan, the best what i know ..
No port-errors, and server and switch have only few network traffic ...

perhaps anybody had this problem solved ...

(I use Firbeird 1.0 Superserver, winNT 4.0, SP6, IBO, the server has 1GB
memory, and 2 GHz speed, the hd is a 7200 rpm one, 80 GB, the netcard is a
100 Mbit with Realtek-Chipset, very fast normally)

best regards


Datum: Mittwoch, 21. August 2002 21:52:18
Betreff: [ib-support] Re: Interbase v6.01 S-L-O-W on disconnect

KevinHerrmann wrote:
> Recently, our app using Interbase v6.01 began to get S-L-O-W on
> disconnect. I have checked google web and groups for help but came up
> with something similar that seemed to fix itself.
> ...

Are the disconnects slow on the LAN as well?

My first guess would be "this is what you get for using BDE + TTables +
I've seen slow disconnects, but these were reaaaaally slow - caused by a
sweep thread kicking in, I assume.

I haven't used IB/6.01 myself (just IB/5.6 and Firebird) - maybe you should
make sure you are using the latest version as early IB/6.01 had serious

Aage J.

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