Subject Re: [ib-support] accessing a FB db in a peer-to-peer network
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:20 PM 20-08-02 +0000, Duilio Foschi wrote:
>last time I had no problem in installing a program of mine in a c/s
>Now I do have problems in doing the same in a stupid peer-to-peer W98
>network made but 2 (!) PCs.
>I'd like to have the db in PC A, with path: c:\call\call.gdb .
>The same db can be seen from PC B as f:\call\call.gdb .
>PC A is seen in the network as 'Francesco'.
>PC B is seen in the network as 'Barbara'.
>Both PCs A and B should run programs that access the db.
>Can it be done ?

As peer-to-peer, it cannot be done. Unfortunately, FB/IB server cannot run
from a Win98 host with the NetBEUI protocol. That is the first
problem. The second is that, even with a Windoze server host like NT, 2K,
etc. the client cannot make a connection to a mapped drive.

Win98 *can* server TCP/IP clients, however.

>Which Path,

The *physical* path, as viewed on the server machine - no mapped drives, no
shares. c:\call\call.gdb


Set up a tcp/ip network address in the Hosts file of each PC. On Win98 I
*think* you will find this in c:\Windows. If you don't find Hosts then
look for Hosts.SAM, make a copy of it and rename the copy to Hosts.

The entry looks like this: Francesco

> and Protocol

Both PCs need to have tcp/ip protocol at the top of their network protocol
stacks in the Network configuration.

You need to know the IP address of the server. If you have two pc's on a
crossover cable, the address in the above example may work for you. Try
adding it to the two Hosts files and then pinging it from the Barbara machine.

With Delphi/BCCPB - if you are using IB Objects, set the protocol to
cpTCP_IP. If using IBX or DBExpress, enter the entire TCP/IP connection
string in exactly the following format:


By the way, all of the above information is available in documentation - in
the Operations Guide (OpGuide.pdf)


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