Subject Re: [ib-support] accessing a FB db in a peer-to-peer network
>>>>> On Tue, 20 Aug 2002 21:20:14 -0000, "duilio_fos" <irel_llc@...> said:

df> last time I had no problem in installing a program of mine in
df> a c/s network.

df> Now I do have problems in doing the same in a stupid
df> peer-to-peer W98 network made but 2 (!) PCs.

df> I'd like to have the db in PC A, with path: c:\call\call.gdb .

df> The same db can be seen from PC B as f:\call\call.gdb .

df> PC A is seen in the network as 'Francesco'.

df> PC B is seen in the network as 'Barbara'.

df> Both PCs A and B should run programs that access the db.

df> Can it be done ?

Of course yes :)

df> Which Path, Server and Protocol should be set in both PCs ?

I'd suggest using *only* the TCP protocol anywhere, and accessing the
DB as "Francesco:c:/call/call.gdb". There is no need for the PC
"Barbara" to see the whole HD on "Francesco", at least from the FB
point of view.

ciao, lele
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