Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: securing the *.gdb
Author Adrian Wreyford
Well Scott my app requires that I supply certain data to the customer. It is
this data that constitiutes the intellectual property, and also thus the
interest in the product.

With access, and I don't in any way wish to use access, you get a secured
form of the database ie .mde fiel if I recall correctly.

I've seen other users referring to a possible *.gds filew ie a secure .gdb

I will look into the securing of the server issue and thanks for the link,
but that is not my problem.

Well I await as others a answer if any?

Thanks Adrian

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Subject: [ib-support] Re: securing the *.gdb

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> surely if someone can get a copy of the gbk or gdb file, your
> security is already totally broken down?

Surely, it is up to you, or your system administrator, to secure your
Operating System so that no one but root or the firebird user can
access the file. If you use NT you are hooped, but if you use *nix
for the Firebird server, it is simple to secure files.


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