Subject Dialect 3 for new databases (was: Re: [ib-support] where can I download INTERSOLV ODBC Driver new version)
Author Martijn Tonies
> "should be the dialect for every new database" !!!!
> not so Martijn
> surely there needs to be a data requirement for int64 and date only types
> otherwise dialect 1 is just dandy

Right - here I think you actually explain why you should use Dialect 3
for your _new_ databases.

D1 will get discarded/not developed further - if you don't start using
D3 now (which, btw, adheres more to the SQL standard), you'll be
left holding the bag in due time and you will be _forced_ to change your
database to D3 which might not be that easy...

Martijn Tonies
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> and may continue to be so until dialect 1 is totally discarded.
> I haven't tested this but if you do not use int64 and date only types, you
> may still be able to use it with dialect 3.
> Alan