Subject Re: How to assure backup is OK
Author Aage Johansen
Michael wrote:
i can just report you my experience with firebird. i've used it since the
days 0.9.4 was out. i've never lost ANY data in a firebird database since then.

Just to chime in: My 0.9.4 databases has worked fine since I started them
up last year (converted from IB/5.6). No problem with the dbs. Even Win2k
has been happy - I haven't booted the server once in this period. (Touches
wood ...)
My only problem: I was hit by the sweep bug (of IB/5.5 ?) on a test
database in 1998, I think.

We use RAID and UPS, but neither shadows nor replication.
I run backups every night (to another disk) and a previous backup is move
somewhere else (so I retain the two latest versions), and at least once a
week the backups are transferred to tape (later moved offsite). I
occasionally restore a backup (to some other disk or machine) just to check
the restorability.
There is a risk of losing updates between backup and failure point, but
there are several options for minimizing the loss (backup, ups, raid,
shadows, replication).

Aage J.