Subject Re: Database Compatibility
Author Aage Johansen
Nando wrote:
> > The originally released IB 6 would read an IB 5.x (ODS 9) database; then
> > Borland disabled that capability when they rebuilt their (then Open
> > binaries in January 2001 after the security flare. I can't remember the
> > reason for disabling it.
> > ...
> There were reports/rumors that db's had been corrupted.

BTW, is a 5.6 version of gbak absolutely required or should we be able
to do it all with IB6/Fb1 gbak?
It looks reasonable to me that if the engine6 can use ODS9 databases,
then gbak6 should be able to backup them.

First off: I haven't been able to read (or: get) any posts on the atkin NG
for some days - I'm now just browsing the latest digests. Sorry for the
late response.

I think Ann once asked for examples of corrupted databases in this context
- don't know if anything came of it.
I do think it is pretty safe (for IB6/Fb-gbak) to read the (IB5.x)
database, e.g. for backup or conversion purposes. Someone else (HeLen?)
was less positive, I think, so be careful.

Aage J.

Will the come to life again? Is the problem permanent?
I can read the old messages, but any new ones are not to be seen.
HeLen ... ?