Subject Re: How to assure backup is OK
Author mivi71dk
This sound like a good idea.

But the problem is, that our program is sold to many people with
little or no IT experience.

Therefore they don't know what to look for, how to do things etc.
So to make things as simpel as posible (as far as the user is
concerned) we set up the backup software to do a FULL backup of they

That way we know, that we have everyting.

And in a lot of other products the file doesn't get copied if its
I then know the backup is usless, but the original file is still
valid and the user can continue.

We do a lot of informing our clients that they should:

Ensure that everybody has disconnected properly (I have added a
timer to automatic dicconnect after 2 hours of inactivity).

Tell them how important a backup is !

A lot more.

But still every once in a while a client "forgets" something.

And every once in a while they actually work all night (to do a
status or something). At that point it would be very inapropriate to
have the DB to crash.


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> > Hi
> >
> > Just a few weeks ago I realized that I can't take a Backup of my
> > file from Veritas Backup to a tape if there is any users
> > to the DB.
> > The DB would get corrupted, and wouldn't work again until I did a
> > backup - restore procedure.
> >
> > Then I came to wounder how do other people ensure that the backup
> > the take is valid ?
> >
> > And how do they control that no user is attached to the DB ?
> >
> Never backup the database directly unless you are sure there is no
> connected. Even then, I wouldn't do it. Use a schedule program to
backup the
> database using gbak to a separate directory and let the backup
> backup that directory instead of the actual database. I think
that's the way
> most of us do it, IMO.
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