Subject Re: [ib-support] How to assure backup is OK
Author Woody
From: "mivi71dk" <Michael.Vilhelmsen@...>
> Hi
> Just a few weeks ago I realized that I can't take a Backup of my DB
> file from Veritas Backup to a tape if there is any users connected
> to the DB.
> The DB would get corrupted, and wouldn't work again until I did a
> backup - restore procedure.
> Then I came to wounder how do other people ensure that the backup
> the take is valid ?
> And how do they control that no user is attached to the DB ?

Never backup the database directly unless you are sure there is no one
connected. Even then, I wouldn't do it. Use a schedule program to backup the
database using gbak to a separate directory and let the backup software
backup that directory instead of the actual database. I think that's the way
most of us do it, IMO.

Woody (TMW)

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