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> But IB no freeze ! Really ! It's a warrior !

You ain't kidding. Even if you do knock it over, it gets right back
up -- thanks to its guardian angel -- and carries on with 'business
as usual'.

> Is it correct first to execute a pessimistic lock in all that
records and
> then execute that sequence of business role ?

Control over your transactions in Delphi is something I will leave to
others, and it is also something that may be more appropriate to the
Delphi groups/lists. However, do research IB's internal locking
system and isolation modes so that you fully Delphi's own overlying
finer grained controls.

Understanding the mojo of transactions -- both the simple options
native to the IB API and the more complex options in Delphi -- will
almost certainly solve your 'freeze' issue... if you want to persist
with BDE. Most of us here would urge you to walk (run!) over to and read about how to convert a BDE app to IBO in
about, oh, 45 min? Possibly you could convert the app as a test, run
it, and if the freeze has disappeared then simply thank the Maker and
say goodbye to the BDE forever.

This is knowledge/experience where you will have to do all the leg
work, I'm afraid. If you've run out of links to IB/FB info
resources, go look in the Group Database tables (lefthand panel) --
that should keep you busy for the next 48 hours, and may be a better
investment of your time that spending it tinkering with your app in
the hopes of a lucky fix.

So there are the choices: IBO or more research into transactions and
isolation modes.

The short answer to this whole thread is:

Andrew Ferguson
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