Subject Re: Why OODBMS never toppled RDBMS
Author csswa
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> Nice reading.

There was a bit of hoopla on Slashdot re why opensource SAP hadn't
gained popularity over MySQL and Postgre. From what I've read and
seen, SAP is a sibling to Interbase, albeit a not-so-bright one.
Mind you, we are talking excellence here, so not-so-bright in
comparison to Interbase is still pretty darn good. SAP would appear
to be a good choice for developers willing to let go of their "But
MySQL is the fastest!" pacifier, but it beggars the question: why not
go straight to Firebird and get all that SAP has and more?

Certainly opensource SAP is something to watch over the next few
years, if their 100-strong team of core developers are as dedicated
as our FB code monkeys (props to you all!). Doesn't seem
particularly worthwhile to have their dev guys spending the next few
years trying to catch FB when they could just join FB and build new
stuff instead of replica features... oh, well. Good on em anyway.

Andrew Ferguson
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