Subject Re: [ib-support] IB settings
Author Jed Nicolau Filho
Dear Lester

Thansk for your reply

In some cases I have some long transactions for several tables, Selects +
Inserts + Updates !
One user when send a input to database raise a long business role, for
One insert in on table with a date, have to insert a record sum in other
table or update if yet exist the record in that day ! Image many user doing
it at the same time !

If two or more concurrent user do it, how is the Interbase behavior ? Will
it freeze ?
Or What have I to do to improve hard concurrent enviroment ?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards


<lester@...> escreveu na mensagem
> > How to configure Interbase for many users concurrent(lock) and long
> > role ?
> Not sure I quite understand your problem. Interbase will
> support many users out of the box. The '(lock)' probably
> means you are trying to use it like other 'not so advanced'
> databases. Interbase does not directly lock records, which
> is why it gives such good performance. What sort of locking
> are you trying to achieve?
> > Is it possible ? (I hope so)
> I run 100's of multiple users 24/7 without any problems (
> now <g> ), so more specific information please.
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