Subject Re: [ib-support] CPU 100% over NT
Author Scott Taylor
On Fri, 2 Aug 2002, Orlando Jimenez wrote:

> Hi to all,

Hi Orlando,

> I have installed Interbase 6.0 OpenSource on Win NT 4.0.
> When I do any kind of query the CPU usage go to 100%, and all system
> go very slowly until the query end.

Sorting and searching a database should be resource intensive, unless you
want to wait days for the results. Try using a separate server for the
database, so that is the server's main function. An old Linux box will
run your queries 100+ times faster than your new NT workstation or NT

> I attempted to optimize all my queries but that only reduce the elapse time
> of that queries

That's always a good thing to do. :)

> Mi question is:
> is there any way to distribute more efficiently the CPU usage with all the
> connected users?

Yes, use a dedicated server and turn off the GUI (hint: *nix, save
yourself the price of an NT license--think of the hardware you could buy
for that).

> thanks in advance.

advWELCOMEance ;)