Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird makes /tmp/core file, and it is HUGE
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
On Fri, 2002-08-02 at 08:06, Scott Taylor wrote:
> you should update to
> the stable release of RedHat 7.2 (not 7.3) for production servers.

Why not 7.3. I have been using it for a while now as a production
dedicated DB server and have no problems?

The only problems I have had are with the JDBC driver having problems
with closing connections. Which will lock up the server for a minute or
two, but it always recovers shortly without a restart? Not to sure why I
am still looking into that one?

> >I have managed to reduce the size of the /tmp/core file by changing an
> >entry in /etc/profile: ulimit -S -c 10000, so at least it no longer takes
> >the database server down due to lack of drive space.
> That's not a good idea, your FB server needs to create large files for
> sorting.

I have never had anything in my /tmp dir on my Firebird server. I do
some sorts, but not many?

> One time I had /tmp as a directory off / instead of a separate partition,
> that was just nasty, but the problem obvious.

That is a rule of thumb. To go one step further you should put
everything on separate partitions. I partition the following on separate


That way each can fill up without effecting the others. Sometimes I will
make another partition for special things. Like my name servers have a

Dir on it's own partition, of course those do not have an /opt or /home
partition because those dirs are not needed or used.

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