Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird makes /tmp/core file, and it is HUGE
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)
I don't really know a whole heap about Linux, but is there anything in the
interbase.log file, something to imply that FB is crashing?
""georgethenorge"" > I have FirebirdSS- running on RedHat Linux
> Every week or so I end up with a huge /tmp/core file, presumably some sort
of core memory dump. Since /tmp seems to be a creation of FB, and FB is the
only thing users are logging into on this particular Linux box, I can only
conclude that this is being started by FB.
> It seems to be initiated in conjunction with a user logging in.
> I have managed to reduce the size of the /tmp/core file by changing an
entry in /etc/profile: ulimit -S -c 10000, so at least it no longer takes
the database server down due to lack of drive space.
> I would, however, prefer a solution that nips the problem in the bud.
> Ideas, anyone?
> Thank you,
> George Helmke