Subject Re: [ib-support] Default value on insert in stored procedure
Author Henry FRANQUET
Martijn Tonies a écrit :

> Hi,
> > I want to insert record in a table from a stored procedure. Field's
> > values are variables (declare variable or parameter).
> > I want to use field's default values of the table.
> If you know when to use DEFAULT, why not simply leave the column
> out of the INSERT?

when I call the procedure, I don't know which field is null, may be none, one
or more, its depends of the parameter's value. Default value is given by the
string DEFAULT on a parameter : exemple
execute procedure InsertProc ('"value1"', '"value2"', 'DEFAULT')

I can use a statement like
if (field1 = 'DEFAULT') then
insert (field2, field3) values (:param2, :param3);
else if (field2 = 'DEFAULT') then
insert ( field1, field3) values (:param1, :param3);
else if (field3 = 'DEFAULT') then
..... and so on

but I can have only ONE value to DEFAULT with such a method !