Subject Default value on insert in stored procedure
Author Henry FRANQUET

I want to insert record in a table from a stored procedure. Field's
values are variables (declare variable or parameter).
I want to use field's default values of the table.

Is there another way than using rdb$ fields and rdb$ tables ?
When using :
select rdb$default_value from rdb$relation_fields
where rdb$field_name = 'FieldName' and rdb$relation_name =
I get a blob I can't read nor use

When reading ANSI SQL 92 (ISO/IEC 9075:1992), there is a keyword
DEFAULT which (if I make no mistake) can be used as
insert into TableName (FieldName1, FieldName2, ...)
values (Value1, DEFAULT, ...
Is this functionnality in Firebird 1.5 or 2.0 ?