Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird mention
Author Adrian Roman

OO databases are a pretty old thing. They didn't enter the market as the
developers wanted. The reason of their apparition (my opinion) was the
fashion. OO programming was in fashion at the time, so why not OO databases?
The truth is that OO isn't as good for databases as for programming.
I see a similar thing with java nowadays: it's in fashion, so Oracle added
java language for stored procedures...

Adrian Roman

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> You are right that inheritance can be simulated by additional tables and
> views, but there is other overhead to make the views updateable and so on.
> There are several object oriented database systems which save developer a
> lot of time by means of inheritance of tables. This idea is not as mad as
> one can say. I am sure this is the future of database programming.
> Ales