Subject Re: [ib-support] setNull doesn't work
Author Martijn Tonies

Please read again ...

Your statement is this, right?

select *
from mytable
where mycolumn = ?

Then, you can set the value of the parameter any way you like, right?

For example:

5 -> which results in a statement to be executed:
select *
from mytable
where mycolumn = 5

This can return a row.

Now, if you use setNull, the statement results in:
select *
from mytable
where mycolumn = NULL

Now, this does NOT work - the setNull method works (it sets the VALUE of the
parameter to NULL) - but the query will never return any rows, because the
SQL WHERE clause ( where mycolumn = NULL ) never results into TRUE.

The only way to test if a column is NULL, is like this:

where mycolumn is null

Please read the above and ask specific questions about what you don't

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> The driver doesn't communicate with SQL but with its machine language.
> However MYCOLUMN=NULL don't work in interbase becouse it's a syntax error.
> JDBC Driver' interbase should communicate traslating the setNull in
> MYCOLUMN in null
> At 10.08 30/07/2002 +0200, you wrote:
> > > But this is a bug, don't you?
> >
> >No it's not. I explained that to you. There's no such thing as
> >MYCOLUMN = NULL --- this does not work. If you replace NULL
> >by a parameter and set it to NULL, it will still not work.