Subject Index unexpectedly deleted?
Author Adrian Roman

I changed the update rule for a table's foreign key from none to cascade.
When I changed the primary key field in master table I got a message telling
that the transaction cannot be completed due of an index unexpectedly
Unfortunately I don't have the exact message because it was very late at
night and instead of writing down the message I rapidely did a
backup/restore, which fixed the problem.
The master table had two rows, the slave had a single one.
There was a single connection active to the database...

Environment: MS Windoze 2000 Pro, FB1.0, 8192 page size, PIV 1.9 GHz, 512 M
RDRAM, 2 Raid 0 HDDs, very stable (I see so seldom apps crushes, so when it
happens I'm sure it's the app, not the hw - I never saw a BSOD on this
machine - it's tested very hard with various stress programs)! It's not the
harware, if somebody tends to blame it :-)

I this is happening with this low amount of data, I'm really worried what
will happend with tens of thousands of rows... :-(

Adrian Roman