Subject AW: [ib-support] Firebird installation on Linux
Author Michael Weissenbacher
i think your problem lies with the windows installation, not the linux
installation or some firewall. if "telnet linuxip 3050" connects without
error you should check if gds_db is in the services file of your windows
the following line should be found in system32/drivers/etc/services (on
gds_db 3050/tcp # InterBase Server

michael weissenbacher

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Von: Wolfgang Eul [mailto:weul@...]
Gesendet: Montag, 29. Juli 2002 12:03
Betreff: [ib-support] Firebird installation on Linux


I have some problems after I installed the FB Server
on Linux (SuSE 7.3 and 8.0). I tried both the classic
server and the super server.

Installation works fine, local test with isql (as described
in the release notes) shows the desired result.

The super server won't start on boot with SuSE 8 - but
that's not the problem. Bringing it up manually with
"rcfirebird start" is ok at first.

But: connecting from a remote machine doesn't work.

I installed IBADMIN and IBCONSOLE on a Win98-
and a Win2K-System - both applications produce the
same failure regardless of using classic or super server:

Unable to complete network request to host "". (this is my linux
Failed to locate host machine.
Undefined service gds_db/tcp

The service is noticed in INETD.CONF (when installing
the classic server) and in /ETC/SERVICES - there is
no firewall or port blocking defined. When using the
"Diagnose Server" feature of IBCONSOLE, the
"DB Connection" fails with the message listed above,
the "TPC/IP"-Test seems to be successful:

Attempting connection to
Socket for connection obtained.

Connection established to host '',
on port 3050.

TCP/IP Communication Test Passed!

Hm, where is my fault?

I think, I misunderstood something or have I forgotten
something? Is there any driver or DLL, that must be
installed on the windows-system to connect the
IBCONSOLE-application with the FB-server?

Greetings from Germany,

Wolfgang Eul
P├╝tz & Partner GmbH

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