Subject Errors. Messages
Author mivi71dk

I use Firebird version 1.0.
I once in a while get a error from the DB.
Sometimes this error is because I try to delete a record which is
being referenced.
I do this in a TRY - EXCEPT part in my D5.

I then show a form, which I have made myself, where I show the

on E: Exception do begin
CallError('Some Message ',E.Message);

But is it not posible to trap some of the message and handle them
myself ?

I have made a program years ago in TP7 to MS-DOS.
In here I used a file system access which ALWAYS returned an
If it was 0 everything went OK, every other value ment something.
I.e. the value of 5 was Key-Error.

I could then show an apropriate message which my customers could
understand instead of "Key violation on......" which was nonsense to
my customer.

Is ot not posible to do the same i D5 when using Firebird ?