Subject Building FB 1.0.0
Author Steve Witten
I'm trying to build FB 1.0.0 on my RH7.3 Linux system and on HP-UX 11i.
Needless to say, I'm having some problems. I've seemed to have solved
all of the problems with (unwritable files, etc.) and I can
get the make process to start (I figured out that you need GNU make...
not the native HP-UX make). However the process dies a horrible death
once it starts. I followed the steps in the appropriate files for
Linux/Unix in build_docs. Could one of you kind folks help me out with

I have to do this because my boss won't let me use open-source unless we
can build it ourselves.

P.S. If any of you know who maintains the HP-UX build, you might clue
him/her in on using the linker +s option (-Wl,+s if you use cc to link).
This option allows the user to put the shared libraries ( & anywhere on the system and set the environment variable
SHLIB_PATH (32-bit) or LD_LIBRARY_PATH (64-bit) to tell an executable
where they are (so they don't always have to live in /usr/lib).

Thanks in advance...

Steve Witten steve_witten@...
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