Subject Re: Repost - Size of Optimizer Block exceeded
Author moorefg
Thanks Helen.

I appreciate all that you say.

I guess that there are different approaches but fundamentally there
should be no issues between a client side or server based update
other than speed - as there should be no client side memory
requirements/impacts in what I am doing.

I guess that I have been too shielded by the effectiveness of
IBObjects in blurring the distinction :-).

I'll consider a post as you suggest.

Many thanks,

Francis Moore

--- In ib-support@y..., Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 01:16 AM 26-07-02 +0000, Francis Moore wrote:
> >Thanks for responding. I will admit my knowledge of
> >Interbase/Firebird and IBObjects as being comparitively very
> >and its helpful to know that the problem has not been encountered.
> >
> >I have solved the problem. I'm not sure that this has anything to
> >with PLAN's etc.
> It might even be a Delphi error...
> >All I was attempting to do was:-
> >
> >1. Iterate through Table A
> >2. Call a routine on another form with Query on Table B against
> >criteria derived from Table A. The Query was opened and closed on
> >each occasion as it would normally be called from other parts of
> >application just once.
> >
> >This approach caused the Size of Optimizer Block exceeded error.
> Still insufficient info to finger the problem but it does seem as
if you
> are doing stuff on the client that ought to be done on the server.
> >I went back to basics and created a specific solution for the bulk
> >run keeping Queries A & B open - ie opening just once - and the
> >problem is solved.
> >
> >However this leaves me with a niggling doubt as to whether repeated
> >individual calls to the routine are over a busy operator day going
> >cause the Size of Optimizer error. Would this indicate some sort
> >memory leak?
> >
> >My general approach is to keep queries open for the minimum amount
> >time - I thought this was good practice - but in the light of
> >my 'experience' I'm not sure.
> >
> >In view of the above I'm not sure that any further detail is
> >necessary but if you still think that its related to the PLAN then
> >I'll gladly provide further information.
> As I commented before, I've never seen this error and could only
guess at
> what caused it. However, from the description you've given here
(too vague
> to draw any conclusions) it might well be coming from Delphi, not
> database at all.
> If you are interested in pursuing this, I suggest constructing a
> question with much better detail of your SQL and the mechanics of
> handler code, and posting it to the ibobjects forum. The ib-
support forum
> is for Firebird/Interbase problems, and client application
architecture is
> off-topic here...the ibobjects forum is 100% IB/FB + Delphi/BCPPB
> developers! :-)
> heLen
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