Subject Re: [ib-support] Backup and Validataion issues
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)
In addition to Artur's answer,

When you restore a DB it uses a fill factor to only fill pages to 80%. This
means that you have 20% space in each page before having to spill onto other
pages. So if you have an empty DB and just insert, you will end up with
100% fill of each page. There is an option to use full fill factor if you
want, but I wouldn't as updates will perform poorly.


""Artur Anjos"" > Joe:
> 1) The database can grow in size if you use blob and change the Page Size
> the restore. But the difference is so little (6Kb), that I think you
> shouldn't worry about it.
> 2) The message is telling you that you must have just one connection to
> validate the database. You have two or more connections using the
> Try to put the database in single mode first.
> Artur
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> Subject: [ib-support] Backup and Validataion issues
> > I got the following email from a customer of mine:
> >
> > >I decided that I should try to back the file up again - the
> > >curiosity of a pc guy, I wanted to see how much the file had
> > compressed. Two
> > >problems: first, after backing up and restoring, the database size
> > actually GREW
> > >- from 4249kB to 4255kB.