Subject Backup and Validataion issues
Author Joe Martinez
I got the following email from a customer of mine:

>I decided that I should try to back the file up again - the
>curiosity of a pc guy, I wanted to see how much the file had
compressed. Two
>problems: first, after backing up and restoring, the database size
actually GREW
>- from 4249kB to 4255kB.
>But the bigger problem was that I got an ERROR message when I tried to
>Validate the database, before backing it up. The message was:
> Error trying to validate the integrity of the db.
> - bad parameters on attach or create db - secondary server
>cannot validate db.

So, does anyone know why:

1) The file would actually GROW from doing a backup and restore?

2) What does that validation error mean?

He's using FB 0.9.4, and using IBConsole to back up and validate.