Subject Search Engine procedure
Author Quinton Marks

My First question is:

I am Writing a search engine and have written a stored procedure that works very well with small Databases.

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on how to improve the
performance of not only this procedure but other procedures using the same logic.

When searching for criteria I want to return a result set with the typical "1 to 10 of 3000" type format.

The procedure looks something like this:

CREATE MyProc(Input_1, FromRow int, RowCount int)
Output(Output_1, TotalRows Int)

Declare variable vCount Int;
vCount = 0;

Select Count(*) From TABLE WHERE (Where criteria)
into TotalRows;

For Select * From TABLE WHERE (Where criteria)
into Output_1
vCount = vCount + 1;
If (vCount >= FromRow) and (vCOunt <= (FromRow+RowCount)) then


My Second question is:

How do you include a Count(*) within a Select procedure, when the Count(*) is not the only criteria eg.

Select *, Count(*) From TABLE WHERE (Where criteria) This obviously doesnt work but how would you get this kind of result?


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