Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird on Mac OS X
Author John Bellardo

On Wednesday, July 24, 2002, at 04:37 PM, g868avx wrote:

> I've installed RC 1 by following the release notes.

Is there a reason you choose RC 1 over v 1.0?

> However, in the
> section concerning the OS X install it says nothing about testing the
> install.

Try creating a database with isql (the command is: "CREATE DATABASE
"xxxx.gdb";" in isql). Or simply try running gsec to display a list of

> It does say that all the Documentation for Firebird on
> other platforms applies. However, I can't even find a copy of the
> employee.gdb file, or a file containing 'sysdba' (using grep as root
> to search the files).

I just looked at my install, and I don't have the example either. That
was an oversight on my part. As for sysdba, the name should be in all
caps and should be found in

> Is the OS X install unlike the install on other platforms?

Every platform has slightly different packaging. The OS X install is
more like a unix install than a windows install.