Subject Re: [ib-support] force disconnect users
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)
Just a Q:
""Wilson, Fred"" <fred.wilson@...> wrote in message > Without
going into the "fine" details (IB/FB under NT and/or W2K)
> - We have a backup HOSTS file that does NOT have the gds entry in it.
> - We have a .cmd file that does the following:
> - Stops the IB Service (under NT or W2K) via a "net stop service"
> call
> - Rename the current HOST file to a backup name.
> - Rename the backup HOST file (without the gds entry in it) to HOST.
This will not stop a Netbeui connection will it?

> This prevents anyone from logging in
> once we start IB/FB.
> - Restart the IB/FB service with a "Net Start service" call
> - Call (invoke) gbak and backup the database
> - Lot's of other stuff done here, for error checking and
> things...
> - .......
> - .......
> - Stop the IB/FB service again via the "Net Stop service" call
> - Rename to HOST file back to the non-gds containing backup
> - Rename the original HOST file (with the gds entry) to HOST
> - Start the IB/FB service via the "Net Start service" call
> Everyone's happy now. Backup's done (and checked in our case, but that's
> to you to do if you wish). No one was logged on during the gbak procedure.