Subject RE: [ib-support] force disconnect users
Author Scott Taylor
At 01:06 PM 23/07/2002, you wrote:

<snip, way to much work just for a backup>

>Everyone's happy now. Backup's done (and checked in our case, but that's up
>to you to do if you wish). No one was logged on during the gbak procedure.

The whole idea behind using gbak is that you don't need to shut the
database down to back it up. It's like it takes a snapshot of the current
gdb and stores that into a .gbk file, which can be restored on another
machine in a different environment even. I use it during the day, when the
DB is at it's busiest, to create a test DB away from the server. The users
don't even know it went on, and I have a perfectly good snapshot of the