Subject Re: [ib-support] ibserver.exe: terminated abnormally (-1)
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)
1) DB is corrupt,you need to get all users off, make a copy and then run
gfix to look for errors.
2) You are using an updated version of the gds32.dll, we have had a few
problems when D6 has been installed and hooking through to IB5.6
3) You have a new type of connection that is invoking a bug in your server.

So three places to look. I would look at the gds32.dll that is being used
by the terminal server for sure.

Let me know.


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""olmer20002002"" <o.mercier@...> wrote in message
> Hello,
> Ib 5.6, WNT4 Server, Database ~ 1.6 Gb, 100 Clients (all Windows 98,
> NT),
> all by BDE (5.X)
> Run fine since 2 years, and since 1 week i had this error 3 times: