Subject Re: [ib-support] FIB and filesize
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)

No you're not confused at all, NT can not have more than 180GB of files open
at any one time. The limit on 2K is 192, 24? or 3?? depending on which
documentation you look at.

We couldn't find any OS tweak to get around it.

We had this problem with a database server with > 20 x 20GB databases, after
a while the server just stopped. After an age of investigation we got the
problme down to this limit in NT4.

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""Wilson, Fred"" > Jason, I'm slightly confused (but for me that's a common
state of mind ;) )
> about your e-mail. Are you saying that BT4.0 has a max file size (limited
> the max file open size) of only 180GB and W2K maybe something more ??
> Best regards,
> Fred Wilson