Subject DB2 to become less DBA-reliant [wry smile]
Author csswa
"Managing massive databases of critical information is complex and
expensive, and there are not that many database administrators out
there, said Carl Olofson, an analyst and program director for
research group IDC, based in Framingham, Massachusetts."

"What's become really important for database software companies that
want to be competitive is to provide more features and software that
enable the database not to develop the kinds of problems you need an
(administrator) to solve, or to eventually fix them itself," Olofson

A low-maintenance database. GASP!
A self-tuning database. SHIVER!
A database that doesn't need a hundred configuration tweaks. SIGH...

Always a giggle to see the big guns go full circle and finally
admitting that simple works best. Is there any doubt that IB/FB has
already achieved what they will spend the next year and ten million
dollars trying to figure out??

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Andrew Ferguson
-- That depends on what your definition of 'Andrew' is.