Author Bill Meaney
We have recently upgraded a number of our clients from IB 4.2 to 5.6 (we
will be looking at FIB soon) without significant problems. But we have one
client with corruption problems...

We have a database upgrade from 4.2 to 5.6. The database was backed up in
4.2 and restored in 5.6. Then, the database was then backed up and restored
in 5.6. Our application was able to connect to the 5.6 database on the
server and there were no problems. However, when a workstation connected to
the 5.6 database (while server application is connected), IB reports gds

internal gds software consistency check (next transaction older than oldest
active transaction (266))

Afterwards the database gets corrupted. Both workstation and server
connection strings were checked to be the same. After restoring the
database from the last clean backup, the workstation was able to connect to
the database without causing the problem. But when the server is connected
to the database, the problem reappears. What is causing this problem?

The server does not have any Corel products, but the workstation does have
Corel products. We had encountered problems with BDE and they were
resolved. Is there a problem with BDE and Corel in IB 5.6?

Currently IB 5.6 is uninstalled and 4.2 was reinstalled. The database was
restored from 4.2 backup. Applications on both Server and Workstation are
not causing any corruption problems. We would like to upgrade to 5.6 and I
would like to have this problem resolved. Any response would be

Bill Newhall
TPMS, Inc.

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