Subject Re: [ib-support] Security and ignorance
Author Artur Anjos
Ok, that's it. Let's move again this discussion to IBDI.
(I'm sure that Helen is right now looking at the mirror adjusting that
beautiful hat....)

You can jump there and start it again. It's cheaper than any psych. :-)

Artur Anjos

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Subject: RE: [ib-support] Security and ignorance

> Friends:
> It is possible that I'm not explained well, they have responded me
> interesting things about as solving the problem of security, and that is
> very well. But I am not very well. I need to see a doctor, especially a
> psychiatrist, but while they don't catch me, I should and I specify to
> take a sedative. And the only thing that I calmed down, will be to know
> that my database, my beautiful data, have like it finishes instance,
> their own security. The enemy advances, it has happened all the
> barriers, and I in my castle have prepared the I finish fence of
> security, if it fails, I will surrender sweetly to the arms of the
> death. Up to where you, and up to where my friends have illuminated me,
> the security depends on the server that contains the database and of the
> administrator, and that me him you... but remember that the enemy step
> those barriers. Is IB/FB able to in its own one it schemes, to manage
> its security? Or does it depend previously on barriers? I wait in my
> bed, sweetly resting, an answer to my restlessness. Remember my
> paranoia.
> Ernesto
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> > Then you shouldn't have any trouble securing a file.
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