Subject RE: [ib-support] Interbase Guardian not restarting ibserver
Author Daniel Rail
At 16/07/2002 01:30 PM, you wrote:
>If i start the server as a application then I see the icon on the system
>tray and the server is brought up if shut down.
>in the middle of some activity,
>On the other hand,
>If I start it as service then both the ibguard and ibserver go down if I
>shut the server down in the middle of some
>activity !!
>Is this behaviour anamolous ??

If you shut the server down yourself, then yes it is doing as expected. IB
Guardian service will restart the server if the server is shutdown because
of an error. I think that there might be some code in IBServer that shuts
down IB Guardian before it shuts itself down, if the shutdown is
voluntarily done.

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