Subject Re: [ib-support] Accessing V5 IBDB with old app's TDatabase,Firebird & SQL Links
Author Raymond Kennington

SQL Links installed some really old client files. Reinstalling FB after installing BDE 5.2
has done the job.

My old app (that had over $150 million of data go through for courier bookings and pays
for 300 people) is operational again on WinSE with FB!

Thanks Helen.

Raymond Kennington

Helen Borrie wrote:
> At 08:39 PM 15-07-02 +0930, Raymond Kennington wrote:
> >I have a V5 IB DB that is accessed through TDatabase, SQL Links 3.5 and
> >type alias.
> >This worked fine on NT server 3.51 with Win95 clients.
> >
> >Now I want to run it on WinSE with FB.
> >
> >The database was accessible easily with IB_WISQL, so I know there's no
> >problem with the
> >database, but after installing SQL Links I get an 'Invalid Blob Handle'
> >from the
> >application and also when using IB_WISQL. IB_WISQL can still connect, but
> >when I try to
> >browse it the error occurs.
> There are a couple of issues here.
> Time for you to drop IB_WISQL and replace it with the more recent IB_SQL,
> still free from the same source (, follow links
> from the main page to download, or get from the Downloads page).
> Older versions of IB Objects became incompatible with Firebird, with the
> introduction of an SQL refinement into FB 1.0. A subsequent build (821)
> that has this refinement commented out, is available; and all releases of
> IB Objects from v.4.2Gc forward, will work fine with the original Firebird
> 1.0 build.
> But IB_WISQL was never really developed with IB 6 and Firebird in view, and
> you should get the most recent version of IB_SQL to replace it.
> For BDE work with Firebird or IB 6, the old version of SQL Links can't be
> depended on to work. I can't guess why a blob column (specifically) is
> playing up; but in any case, if you plan to persevere with the BDE, you
> are venturing into unsupported territory. Borland has released a "kind-of
> fixed" BDE (5.2) for IB 6, which it is shipping with Delphi 6 Enterprise,
> but it has problems...and Borland has made it clear that it is no longer
> developing BDE drivers for client/server dbs. It is throwing its c/s
> effort at DBExpress, Datasnap and DataCLX these days.
> As for how to get BDE 5.2, AFAIK it is no longer a free download. You
> would need to contact Borland sales for purchasing instructions.
> heLen
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