Subject Re: [ib-support] First keyword in Firebird not in InterBase
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
On Fri, 2002-07-12 at 20:38, Thomas Miller wrote:
> I think you started out bashing the people that have worked for free on
> FB for over a year to give
> us this great product. I apologize if you think I was over barring,
> but I also think you where unfair
> to the people that have worked on FB.

Could you please find and email me a snippet of where I was bashing
anyone, much less the people responsible for Firebird?

I just went back through and read my posts, and I cannot find anything
of that nature.

If anything I was expressing my frustration out of ignorance, but it was
not targeted toward anyone. The only line that could have been taken the
wrong way is when I said I feel like the bird took a big crap on me. If
anything that was meant to be more humorous than bashing.

Mostly I was asking questions, in a frustrated manor, but they were not
bashing anyone. Just questioning.

> That is what I love about programming. Any typos are always caught by
> the program. If you miss
> type a column, the SQL query will let you know.

Yes, but that still takes time to go back and find the typo. So I try my
best to keep things short and simple so I do not have to go back. But
your point is and was well taken.

> Again, the compiler (assuming you are using something like Delphi) or FB
> will catch any typos.

I use mostly Java, C, and C++ sometimes. Although I try to still avoid
typos, as at times the compilers are pointing out things other than

All comes down to time, I would rather spend time debugging, than fixing
typo's in long names.

But in this case I really had no choice, at least in the db column
names. Outside that I left things the same, short and simple.

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