Subject Re: [ib-support] First keyword in Firebird not in InterBase
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:49 PM 12-07-02 -0400, Thomas Miller wrote:

>And your real problem. You should make all your database objects have
>an "_" (underline)
>in the name. I have yet to see a key work with an underline in it.

Oooh--er. We have the context variables CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, CURRENT_TIME,
CURRENT_DATE and CURRENT_USER which are reserved.

The safe thing to do - regardless of whether you are using InterBase,
Firebird, MSSQL Server, Oracle...or to make yourself
acquainted with the keywords *before* you start making "commitments" in
your code. Anyone working in SQL should, as a minimum, treat every keyword
in standard SQL as reserved, even if currently isn't reserved in the
particular RDBMS being used.

Another very good thing to do when changing over to Firebird from legacy
InterBase is to study the release notes. There is a section there
dedicated to the new keywords, which includes also a list of words which
the FB programmers recommend treating as reserved, since they will be used
for implementing planned enhancements to the language.

William, there are other "traps" you should look out for in the
IB-to-Firebird transition. Firebird is more fussy than IB about ambiguous
SQL...and there other places where Firebird requires more care than IB
did. Please don't complain that these things are undocumented. They are
documented. However, you can get a horse to the water but you can't force
it to drink...


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