Subject Re: [ib-support] Trigger to place date.
Author Adrian Roman

I'm doing some tests of speed for FB 1.0. I created a database (dialect 3),
with 8k page size (everything else is default config), I imported a table of
about 30000 records, and I started some updates (simple ones, that affect
the wole table), just to see how fast it goes. I did that once, twice, but
the third time the ibserver started cruching at 99% cpu utilisation. I know
I should commit the transactions each time, but I wanted to know how far it
can go and what's happening when such dumb things are done to the database.
At the time I'm writing this, ibserver still crunches at 99%, and it's going
for about 10 minutes now. Is this normal? I have a PIV at 1.9GHz, 512 RDRAM,
there are two HDDs in raid 0 config, so anything ibserver it does, it
shouldn't take that long...

Adrian Roman