Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Indices and views
Author Christian G├╝tter
Hi Helen,

> Haha, someone else who appreciates my priorities. :-) The
> first thing I do is assemble my bed. The next is to find
> and start the coffee. The next is to set up one computer
> for Internet access.

I am a little bit disappointed - I thought the first step would
be to set up your computer ;-)

> I'm not up to score with your problem - but that message
> seems to appear when you have conflicting indexes, or a
> query which conflicts with the primary key. Do you, for
> example, have an ORDER BY DESCENDING clause on
> the PK column?

There is only one ascending index on the PK. And no ORDER BY

> Or a multi-column join involving the PK column?

Yes, the PK column is part of a join.

I have provided a detailed table definition and the SQLs some
mails before - if you want to and have the time <g>, you can
have a look at it.