Subject arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation error
Author BSC
I apologize for the vagueness of my last post. I have since narrowed down the source of my problem....

I a running the current production version of Firebird on Win2K.

In my stored proc I am inserting a row into a table that includes a Timestamp column. The value of this column needs to contain the current timestamp (plus a small adjustment of a few seconds as determined by logic in my stored proc). I have accomplished this by using the 'current_timestamp' variable and doing some date arithmetic. So far so good.

My problems begin when I try to set the fractional seconds portion of this value to '0000'. I cannot afford to have non-zero fractional second precision in the table because it appears that Interclient does not support it (Any select that my JDBC app does to this data does not appear to retrieve the fractional seconds).

In my stored proc I have tried Casting Timestamp variable to Char and then manipulate it but no luck. Is this the best approach? Does anyone have suggestions or stored proc code samples on how I can have a Timestamp value inserted with '0000' in the fractional seconds?



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