Subject InterClient, Tomcat Resource, JSP and charset
Author Leos Urban
I want to use InterClient (2.01), Firebird (1.0) with Tomcat (4.0.4) as
Tomcat Resource.
In configuration file server.xml I have defined connection parameters:

<Resource name="jdbc/icdiakonis" auth="Container"
type="javax.sql.DataSource" />
<ResourceParams name="jdbc/icdiakonis" >
<parameter> <name>user</name><value>sysdba</value> </parameter>
<parameter> <name>password</name><value>masterkey</value> </parameter>
<parameter> <name>charSet</name><value>UTF8</value> </parameter>
um2.gdb</value> </parameter>

In web.xml is:
<description>JDBC pool</description>

It works fine but only with non-international characters (database is
created as UNICODE_FSS).
All international characters are displayed on web page incorrectly.
It looks as if parameter charSet is ignored, because when I connect
"normally" (without Tomcat resource), data are OK.
Do you have some tip how to set charset in server.xml with Interclient ??