Subject Re: Web server?
Author csswa
This is heading way OT, but since HeLen is moving house and aint here
to thwack us with her mod hat...

If you have any doubts about PHP+Apache handling 80–90 million page
serves a day, check this story about Audiogalaxy:

This is with MySQL as the backend. Imagine what they could've done
with IB, sigh.

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--- In ib-support@y..., "William L. Thomson Jr." <support@o...> wrote:
> On Mon, 2002-07-08 at 23:12, lester@l... wrote:
> > > PHP is nice but I prefer Java. That way some of your logic code
can be
> > > used on the web or backend gui's as well.
> >
> > I have PHP working finally - and displaying the sort of
> > stuff I need today. Tomorrow is a different matter <g>
> As it will always be. ;)
> > > I prefer Tomcat with Apache, but there are many routes one
could take.
> > > Although Java may not be as quick to learn as PHP. It really
depends on
> > > your programing background and ability to learn different
syntax, and
> > > etc.
> >
> > I think my problem is that while I probably know that Java
> > is an end solution, the entry path is proving more difficult
> > to get onto. Understanding the code is not a problem,
> > creating an environment in which to compile it is. JBuilder
> > is nice, but I am trying to get off the Borland
> > merry-go-round and onto something different.
> Just turn to the guys responsible for Java, Sun. I use and
> love Forte 4 Java. The community edition has always met my needs.
> I really only use Forte as a glorified text editor, and for
> java apps. I am not big on drag and drop code. I am a roll back the
> sleeves and hand code type of guy. Usually easier for me to read and
> debug.
> > > My logic is to learn and use the ones that can do the most.
They end up
> > > saving more time in the long run than the ones you would think
to be
> > > quick from the get go.
> >
> > Probably should have switched from Builder earlier, but most
> > applications are stand alone and involve hardware that is
> > not easy to access. That and I am supporting systems with
> > computers that are 15 years old and still going strong <g>
> I played with JBuilder for about a day or two, but then came across
> Forte, and the rest is history. I have used Forte for over a year,
> starting with 2.0, and it just keeps getting better and better.
> > > Just my two cents.
> >
> > Any pointers as to 'shortcuts' is appreciated - Tomcat keeps
> > popping up, and so now I have apache/php it's seems a
> > logical adjunct.
> Tomcat is not to bad, mostly getting it to work with Apache. I could
> tell you how, but you may then have admin problems later one. Do
not be
> overwhelmed and stick with the docs on the apache foundations site
> the most part.
> Outside of the module and apache httpd.conf entries, Tomcat 4.x
> only requires a few lines per web app and you are off and running.
> rest is up to your code.
> If you have questions let me know, but Tomcat related stuff is not
> this list, email me directly. But do your homework first. If you
ask me
> questions without any research or attempts, I will be reluctant to
> assist. If you get dirty, I will help you clean up, but I do not
> hands for free. :)
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