Subject Re: [ib-support] Newbie Alert can anyone
Author Slim Roberts
First big problem you have got is the Raq I have a Qube and it is the
biggest pile of Sh-- I have had the misfortune to work on. First stick with
the windows IB and as another post says get a good front end to administer
it (TO START WITH) do not get out of the habit of command line work as with
the Raq that's all you get.
I have been developing with IB and others now for many years and Cobalt
really makes life hard. The only quick way into the Raq IB is via telnet,
check for I think it is /root/opt/interbase/bin and in there you has isql.
Get the IB docs and check up on the syntax for isql. Be ready for lots of
typing. If you get stuck and need a quick hand feel free to mail me at
slim@... will try to help as much as I can.
Best of luck

Slim Roberts
R S Engineering.
Member of the UK Borland User Group