Subject Re: [ib-support] large deletions
Author Raul Chirea
Hi Bob,

From: "Bob Lazarchik" <bob5407@...>

> I have a log database used in manufacturing tools that creates up to
100,000 - 200,000 entries
> daily. I need to clean out records that are more than 8 days old on a
daily basis and I am looking
> for some ideas on how to do this. The constraints are that this tool must
continue to run during
> the clean up process. The options I've tried suck up alot of CPU time and
interfere in the
> operation of the tool (timing is a very big issue in the type of testing
this tool does) . I thought
> about spawing a thread with its own connection once a day to do this
cleanup but am unsure of
> how safe this is. I have SP's in the database for doing the deletions. I
am running Firebird v.
> and am using Delphi 6 client/server.

Did you considered the posibility of not deleting those records at all,
eventually, just marking them as unused using a "boolean" field ? If you
have enough disk space and the right indexes this should be an option !

Regards !

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